Monday, February 27, 2012

2/25/12 - Linda Mallia with Jim Hoffman, Jim Vallone and Diane Sovereign

On this week's radio show, 2/25/12, guest host Linda Mallia welcomes guests Jim Hoffman, Diane Sovereign and Jim Vallone.

Jim Hoffman is a leading Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker working from our Williamsville/Clarence branch.

Diane Sovereign is the leading Mortgage Consultant at HUNT Mortgage —for the past 24 years!

Jim Vallone, Esq., is head of The Vallone Law Firm in Buffalo and has over 25 years in legal practice. Jim handles many residential real estate closings along with providing a variety of other legal services.

Together with her special guests, Linda leads the discussion on real estate and mortgage trends in today's market.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

2/18/12 - Peter Hunt with Peter Scarcello

Peter Hunt welcomes special guest Peter Scarcello to this week's show.

Join our host Peter Hunt and guest Peter Scarcello, Broker Consultant and Business Development Manager - Amherst Branch, as they discuss trending topics in the real estate market.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

2/4/12 - Guest Host Linda Mallia with Mark Brylinksi and Jeff Jack

Guest host, Linda Mallia welcomes special guests Jeff Jack and Mark Brylinski to this week's show.

Linda C. Mallia, President of HUNT Mortgage, oversees mortgage sales and operation in the Buffalo, Niagara, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY regions as well as Phoenix, Arizona. She has been an asset of HUNT since 1979!

Linda will be joined by Jeff Jack, Mortgage Consultant at HUNT Mortgage, as well as Mark Brylinski, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, working from our KenTon Branch.

Tune in as they talk about the trending topics in today's real estate and mortgage markets!

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